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The 15 Best Commercial Real Estate Podcasts for Investors

By December 9, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments
Listening to commercial real estate podcasts is one of the most effective ways to improve your commercial real estate investing knowledge.

Whether you’re an experienced commercial real estate investor or just getting started, one of the best ways to improve your investing knowledge and skill set is to listen to commercial real estate podcasts because they’re often packed with value from experienced investors, credible guests, and industry experts.

However, with so many podcasts available, where do you start?

Well, we’ve sorted through the clutter to bring you what we consider to be the 15 best podcasts for commercial real estate investors. The content in these podcasts ranges from economic trends to specific real estate investing strategies to business and tax advice for your commercial real estate business. In short, we hope that by listening to a variety of these podcasts, you gain access to the information you need to be a confident and successful (or more successful) commercial real estate investor.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at each podcast show in no particular order:

1. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

Hosted by Michael Bull, the founder of Bull Realty, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is a long-running podcast on commercial real estate that supports commercial real estate brokers, commercial real estate agents, investors, leasing agents, and other CRE professionals who want to grow their income via commercial real estate. Host Michael Bull publishes a new episode weekly, lasting approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The primary intent of the podcast is to keep CRE professionals informed, whether you’re looking for market intelligence, forecasts, current economic trends, or selling methods.

2. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show is another long-running commercial real estate show supporting the industry since 1997. Professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray evolved their original real estate investment talk show from a radio program into an engaging podcast that provides valuable insights and explores various commercial real estate topics. Because the “Guys” have been around the block for multiple decades, they can identify significant market trends and discuss issues such as international diversification, market and property due diligence, tax and asset protection planning, economics, and investment strategy. The hosts regularly provide actionable takeaways and suggestions for CRE brokers and investors who want to develop their portfolios and achieve financial independence through real estate.

3. Tax Smart Real Estate Investors Podcast

For real estate investors and business owners, the Tax Smart Real Estate Investors Podcast focuses on tax, accounting, and financial advice. The show features market leaders and experts to discuss complex subjects, breaking them into digestible knowledge for listeners. As a real estate investor, your taxes can be some of your most significant expenses. As a result, this show can be very valuable and worth visiting past episodes to help you reduce your tax burden. Each episode typically spans 30 to 60 minutes and features information and strategies that can help you save thousands of dollars. 

4. Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate

Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate is hosted by investor Rod Khleif, who owns and manages over 2,000 apartments and homes. As one of America’s top real estate investment experts, Rod blends his love of real estate investing with his philosophy of self-improvement, goal setting, and manifesting success into this valuable podcast with new episodes published regularly. This podcast lets you gain useful information from real estate investors, syndicators, lenders, property managers, and advisors.

5. Commercial Property Advisors

Another great commercial real estate podcast is Commercial Property Advisors, hosted by Peter Harris. Peter is the author of the book Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies and runs one of the top commercial real estate coaching firms for investors in the United States. Peter has years of experience executing successful real estate deals and does a great job outlining the best ways to do deals yourself by his students who have become successful commercial real estate investors and proven investment strategies you can use to build your portfolio of commercial properties.

6. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless

Considered a “classic” in the real estate podcast space, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless is the world’s longest-running, daily commercial real estate investing podcast. During each episode, Host Joe Fairless covers a wide variety of real estate topics and conducts in-depth interviews with commercial real estate investors who share their most notable successes, biggest failures, and actionable advice for anyone working in the world of real estate.

7. The Commercial Investing Show

The Commercial Investing Show is hosted by real estate investor Jason Hartman and focuses on “What’s hot and what’s not in commercial real estate investing.” During the weekly podcast, Jason hosts industry experts and discusses difficulties and solutions related to CRE investing. Guests on The Commercial Investing Show include business experts and commercial real estate experts to get their perspectives on how real estate investment firms can use the insights and ideas they offer. The show topics cover everything from buying property to property management and collecting rent.

8. The Commercial Real Estate Investor Podcast With Tyler Cauble

The Commercial Real Estate Investor Podcast is an excellent podcast by Tyler Cauble. Tyler is the founder of the commercial real estate brokerage The Cauble Group and author of the book Open For Business: The Insider’s Guide to Leasing Commercial Real Estate. Throughout the show, Tyler discusses the ins and outs of accumulating wealth and passive income through commercial real estate investing. When Tyler brings on industry professionals, they discuss expert perspectives, real estate investments, and other relevant commercial real estate market topics.

9. How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate is a podcast by The Criterion Fund. Principals Branden Cheek, Brian Duck, and Joel Thompson share insights on successfully investing in CRE. This podcast provides an excellent way for people new to real estate investing to start because they focus on breaking down the commercial real estate industry for the average investor to understand.

10. On The Market

If you liked the long-running BiggerPockets podcast with Brandon Turner and David Greene, you’d likely appreciate this podcast. Produced by BiggerPockets, the weekly episodes of On The Market help you keep tabs on what’s happening in the economy around the country as it relates to real estate. While it’s not exclusively focused on commercial real estate and has a slight preference for residential rental properties, the hosts of On The Market sift through the latest news, market updates, and the latest trends to discover the essential information you need to invest in real estate confidently. It’s a great place to hear multiple perspectives and interpretations of what’s happening with the market so that you can make more informed decisions about your investments.

11. The Weekly Take from CBRE

Produced by one of the biggest names in commercial real estate, The Weekly Take from CBRE focuses on hosting industry, economic, and subject matter experts who “share their unique insights on what matters most today in commercial real estate.” The information in this show is easy to understand and provides relevant and timely context on commercial real estate.

12. The CREXI Podcast

Produced by another big name in commercial real estate, The CREXI Podcast features guests from the commercial real estate (CRE) sector, such as investors, developers, brokers, consultants, experts, and more. The Crexi Podcast’s in-depth discussions draw on their guests’ richness of CRE knowledge to examine the most recent trends and developments in the industry. 

13. The RealCrowd Podcast

The RealCrowd podcast Real Estate Investing for Your Future examines the latest information, insights, and investment tactics that investors can employ to create solid portfolios and achieve financial freedom. RealCrowd CEO Adam Hooper hosts the program, which offers listeners an inside look at commercial real estate investing from notable experts in the field, including real estate sponsors, academic experts, economists, and others.

14. Commercial Real Estate Confidential

Commercial Real Estate Confidential is a great commercial real estate podcast show that offers advice, resources, and trade secrets from successful CRE experts. The podcast is hosted by Andrew Bermudez, an entrepreneur in commercial real estate technology and founder of Digsy, a one-stop shop for promoting commercial real estate assets online and outsourcing work. In each podcast episode, Andrew discusses outsourcing tips, techniques for selling commercial real estate, efficient marketing strategies, and more.

15. The Commercial Investment Real Estate Podcast

Presented by CCIM Institute, The Commercial Investment Real Estate Podcast is the companion to the CCIM Institute’s quarterly magazine. The podcast features industry leaders discussing the subjects that commercial real estate professionals care about most. Your business processes will be inspired, motivated, and improved by learning about their experiences, ideas, and best practices.

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